Workshops for individuals and small groups

  • Locations in Bristol, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds

  • Programmes for beginners through to advanced

  • Comprehensive pre-workshop briefings and reviews

  • Personal and consultative approach

  • Prices from £95

  • Flexible dates

Glass Wharf | Temple Meads | Bristol

To book a workshop or talk about a one-to-one, please call Roger on 07850 580 632 or email

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I offer a selection of 1 day and half-day workshops to match your creative interests and technical experience:

Essential camera skills
Magical woodlands
Urban landscapes
Storytelling, projects, portfolios and sequences

These themes reflect my own interests and expertise. Examples of my work as a mountain, woodland and urban photographer can be found in the Portfolio section of the website.

The locations chosen for individual workshops include Bristol, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. These have been carefully selected based on local knowledge and offer a varied and stimulating set of subjects to develop your interests and personal style.

You may also want to try one of the Photo Fun activities:

Learning from the Masters

These are great for small groups of friends, who want to spend a few hours together, and may include a competitive element where we share and review our favourite images.

More advanced workers may be interested in the technical workshops designed to improve your image processing skills and manage a better workflow.

Designing an effective digital workflow
Processing black & white landscapes

My approach

My aim is to provide the support you need to take the next steps on your photographic journey. This requires a more personal and consultative approach – tailoring my guidance around your individual needs and interests.

Prices start at £95 for a 3-hour morning/afternoon session or £165 for a full day. These prices include a pre-workshop briefing with a comprehensive set of notes. Ideally, we would schedule the briefing (in person or online) 1 or 2 weeks before meeting on location. This provides an opportunity to get to know each other, confirm arrangements, and share some ideas on workshop themes and possible assignments. I also like to arrange a follow-up session to review your images and talk about next steps.

Rather than offering a fixed set of dates for forthcoming workshops, I prefer to discuss the options with you and find a time and place that is convenient for both of us.

Creating Better Images

Essential camera skills

Assembly | Temple Way | Bristol

Suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to feel more confident about their approach to photography. This workshop will help you take better photos and capture more creative images. You will learn more about your camera and how to use the basic settings to improve your success rate by adapting to the subject, situation and conditions.

We will examine the creative process and factors that need to considered when making an image – not just ‘what’ we have decided to focus on, but ‘why’ we want to photograph it, and ‘how’ and ‘when’ this can be done to best communicate our feelings and response to the subject.

In addition to acquiring the essential camera skills required to capture a successful image – composition, timing and lighting – we will consider the importance of reviewing our work and learning from the results.

  • Bristol or Cheltenham
  • £95 (3 hours) or £165 (full day)

Urban landscapes

Cheese Lane Shot Tower | Bristol

This workshop will focus on the themes and techniques required to capture the essence, diversity and dynamism of our urban environments – a subject often overlooked by landscape photographers.

You will learn about the alternative approaches to capturing successful urban images – including cityscapes, buildings, structures, spaces, architectural details and abstracts. We will consider the relationships with documentary and street photography, and examine the following urban themes:

  • Moods and emotions
  • Movement, energy and flow
  • Urban geometry
  • Natural and human-made elements

These perspectives and techniques will enable you to take on an urban project that reflects your creative interests and feelings about a place.

An essential element of this package is the pre-workshop briefing – which we can schedule (online or in person) 2 or 3 weeks before the workshop. This includes a comprehensive set of notes with some inspiration ideas to help you prepare for the session, select an assignment and learn more about the chosen location.

  • Bristol
  • £195 (pre-workshop briefing + full day)

Magical woodlands

Magpie Inkcap - Coprinopsis picacea | Buckholt Wood | Gloucestershire

Woodlands offer a captivating canvas for creativity and an opportunity to portray the essence, mood and character of these enchanting natural environments.  Using a selection of carefully chosen locations in the Cotswolds this workshop will encourage you to slow down, reconnect with nature and share the magic of our local woodlands.

You will learn about common woodland themes and the appropriate compositional techniques to capture a diverse range of subjects – from trees, branches and leaves, to fungi, wildlife and abstract details.

Starting with colour, form and texture we will consider the impact of changing seasons and lighting conditions before exploring some of the broader concepts that may be used as the foundation for a woodland project:

  • Drama, light and energy
  • Nature and shelter
  • Lifecycle, time and memory
  • Character and relationships
  • Chaos and order

You can choose a 3-hour session or a full day workshop (that includes a more comprehensive pre-workshop briefing and provides more time to progress your chosen woodland assignment).

  • Various locations in the Cotswolds
  • £95 (3 hours) or £165 (full day)

Storytelling, projects, portfolios and sequences

Photo Fun


Learning from the masters

Henri Cartier-Bresson | Abruzzo, Italy, 1951

Henri Cartier-Bresson | Abruzzo, Italy, 1951

Image Processing

Designing an effective digital workflow

Processing black & white landscapes