City & Wild Photography

Workshops and tuition for individuals and small groups

Roger set up City & Wild Photography to offer workshops and tuition to individuals and small groups.  He often works with other professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of a location, subject or technique.

Alongside specialist courses aimed at enthusiasts wanting to improve their landscape, urban and architectural photography skills, Roger has been keen to meet a growing demand from beginners who simply want to get better results from their new digital camera.

He provides short courses for novices who want to learn the basics of composition and lighting and gain a better understanding of the steps needed to edit, store and share their images.

enjoy the collaborative experience of working on location and learning from each other

Participants at all levels can enjoy the collaborative experience of working on location, learning from each other and sharing the images they have captured.

Further details about workshops and tuition can be found on the City & Wild Photography website.

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