About Me


I’m a self-taught landscape photographer best known for my mountain, woodland and urban images.

Most of these images have been captured in the UK, where I have become a strong advocate for exploring and photographing locations close to home.  For me, this includes the natural beauty of the Cotswolds alongside the vibrance and diversity of city life in Bristol.

I became a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2017 and was awarded a Distinction in Landscape as an Associate in 2024.


My story

I developed and printed my first roll of Ilford FP4 black and white film at the age of 10 when I inherited my grandfather’s camera gear and darkroom equipment.  As a young boy, I witnessed the magic of images appearing in the tray of developer in a cupboard under the stairs and wanted to have a go myself.  The first results were mixed but good enough to kick start a lifetime interest in photography.

Growing up in industrial Lancashire, I spent weekends and holidays exploring the mountains of the Lake District and Snowdonia and the rolling landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales.  Rock climbing with friends provided an insight into more remote and rugged terrain – progressing from the Scottish Highlands, to the Alps and ultimately the Himalayas.

I describe myself as a geographer with an overwhelming enthusiasm for the human and physical aspects of the subject.  This has driven a passion for photographing people and places and sharing my images, knowledge and expertise with all those around me.

My interests in urban landscapes, the built environment and architecture stem from my studies at Newcastle University where I graduated with a degree in Town and Country Planning.

Throughout my working life I have been involved with information systems and technology which also underpins my approach to digital photography – processing, sharing and managing of a substantial library of images that covers several decades.

I ran a successful IT consulting business for over 15 years before friends and family encouraged me to do what I most enjoy and help others to get more out of their own photography.  Responding to the challenge, I set up City & Wild Photography in 2024 to provide one-to-one tuition and workshops for small groups of photographers who want to improve their creative and technical skills.  You can find more information about my approach and the topics covered on the workshops page.

I now live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds.  I am married to Ann and have two grown-up daughters who have inherited an eye for composition and an innate ability to capture the moment.

Personal goals

  • 1

    To get out more often and spend more time on location and less post-processing images in the digital darkroom.

  • 2

    To focus on subjects and locations closer to home before travelling to more distant (and often more popular) destinations.

  • 3

    To slow down and take time to plan and pre-visualise the images that I want to make, and the feelings I want to communicate, before clicking the shutter.

  • 4

    To make images that reflect my own style, interests and personality.

  • 5

    To inspire and help others improve their photographic skills at both a creative and technical level