Sunday mornings are perhaps the best time to appreciate the street art in South Bristol.  Starting at the Tobacco Factory in Southville, I walked the length of North Street up to The Steam Crane pub in Bedminster – frequently turning into the side streets where many of these impressive murals can be found.

Most of these artworks were created for UPFEST – Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival.

These include work by Brazilian artist L7matrix, whose vivid designs of birds in flight adorn the walls of Zero Green (and the adjacent pavement) on the corner of Merrywood Road and North Street.

Annatomix has created a bright and colourful design of a giant hummingbird in the courtyard of a church in Ebenezer Gate on North Street.

Louis Masai has chosen to paint a giant coral reef on the side of a building at the bottom of Mount Pleasant Terrace to draw attention to the plight of fragile natural habitats and the damage caused by human activity.

Greek artist Insane51, in collaboration with Fanakapan, has painted a skeleton over the image of a woman in Baynton Road.  The overall effect is best viewed through 3D glasses – with the woman visible through the red filter and the skeleton seen through the green filter.

Returning to the Tobacco Factory, the rear wall (overlooking the Aldi car park in North Street) is currently adorned with an image of Greta Thunberg gazing down on supermarket shoppers.  This huge mural of the Swedish climate change campaigner, with the Arctic waters rising around her, was created by the renowned Bristol artist Jody.

More information about all the artists and their work can be found on the UPFEST website.