Mathematical Curves - designed by Zaha Hadid | Science Museum | London

Recent work

Corn Du from Pen y Fan | Brecon Beacons
Personal style and interests

My approach has always involved looking more closely at the world around me – focusing on the essence of a place and the elements that are often overlooked by the casual observer.  This requires a more conscious and deliberate appreciation of our immediate environment – leading to a greater understanding of a location and a deeper engagement in the communities in which we live.

I enjoy the cognitive processes involved in deciding what to include and exclude from each frame and the challenges of working with light to capture an instant in time and communicate how this makes us feel at an emotional level.

The collections are arranged by subject, location and theme.  They include work that reveals a preference for bold vibrant colours alongside monochrome images that demonstrate the effective use of shape, tone and texture.  Many of these images have a sharpness and clarity that pushes against the constraints of the medium to create a more immersive and tactile experience for the viewer.

Recurring themes are wild landscapes (featuring mountains, water and woodlands) and urban architecture (including cityscapes, individual buildings and structures).

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